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6 Helpful Tips When Training Your Dog 

Training your dog is not super easy, but it’s not too difficult either. You just have to find the balance, and understand what they like and dislike. Dogs have the mind of a toddler, so you can just imagine the mess he creates on the living room. They are hyperactive and happy creatures who always need something to be happy about.  

If you plan to train your dog, the question always lies on where to start. If you have a puppy, training is going to be easy. But if you adopted an old dog, he/she might not respond to you immediately especially if he was abused before. Nevertheless, training your pet dog is a form of bonding that both of you will enjoy. Just follow the tips shared by dog obedience training in Santa Maria below.  

  1. Choose the Name Wisely 

If you just had a dog, naming him/her could be difficult. But training professionals say that names that end with strong consonant can be easily remembered by the dog. Names that have emphasis on the end can perk up the ears of the dog, so they would be more attentive. The name should also be associated with something fun and pleasant.  

  1. House Rules 

Like we mentioned, dogs are active. They have this tendency to chew things and stuff. If you’ve seen lots of dog videos on Youtube, most of them are dogs caught by their owners chewing on the sofa or messing up with the tissue paper. So establish some “house rules”. Mae a list of the furniture he’s not allowed it and the parts of the house which are off limits.  

  1. Set a Private Place 

Just like us, dogs need privacy too. They appreciate if they have a place of their own where they can sleep and play. This place or space should not be used by other people or pets. His/her own den is a place of his comfort and safety. The den would also become valuable tool when you start training your dog.  

  1. Teach to Respond When Called 

Dogs are intelligent. They will know it when their owner calls them. The first thing you can teach a dog is to make him come to your once you call his name. Saying “comer here, _” and “who’s the good boy/girl” is helpful when training your dog to respond to your call. Use positive reinforcement too, like treats and pats and snuggles.  

  1. Teach About “Dog” Time 

Most of the dogs love to destroy things and mess stuff up, but once they’ve done that they will forget about it minutes later. Think about the behavior of the toddler, dogs are like that too. Don’t spoil your dog. But teach him that he made something bad so the dog will learn about your correction. When you do this repeatedly, he will learn what he did wrong.  

  1. Discourage From Biting 

Biting and nipping are some of the dog’s defense mechanism. If he tries to bite or nip you, don’t scold him. Discourage him instead like pretending to get hurt when he tries to nip you. He will stop immediately.  

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Different Things to Consider Before Hosting a Party 

         Parties are a great event for peoples, it is a social gathering that helps us get away from problems and stress for a short moment or just a friendly social gathering for work. Nevertheless, parties are a great form of social gathering but it wouldn’t be great if the party is not hosted properly. If you are a host of a party there are a lot of things that you will do in order for your party to be successful. In this article, we will talk about the different things that you need to consider if you are going to host a party of your own.  

  • Location

          Location is really important for your party; you have to decide on a location where you are comfortable and the guest are comfortable. Depending on the theme the location is also in need to fit the theme of your party. If you are having troubles in the location of the party that you are hosting, we would like to recommend party halls El Paso TX. Party halls el Paso are a great solution for location problems, they will help you provide locations available for your party and help you locate locations depending on your budget.  

  • Theme

          The theme of your party is the whole feel and ambiance and the goal of the type of party you are going to do. Think about what will be the theme of your party, whether it is a costume party or a formal and filled with white and flowers. In the theme design, you will have to take consideration of what the guest like and what is the color suitable for your audience or no people will come. So, a theme is a must to have for your party unless you are just having a chill party for your friends or acquaintance. 

  • Food and Activities

          What is a party without food and activities? a bad one, if you are going to host a party you will take consideration of the type of food and activities. For food, pick a food that is suitable for the people and what they prefer in parties so that they will not feel unfit of the event. For the activities, you will need to have an activity that is also fit for everyone and also fit the theme for the party that you held. Without food and activities, your party would be boring and people would leave quickly so take a mind of it. 

  • People

          The people that you are hosting a party should always be considered. If you are having a party for a formal audience then host a party that is fitting for them. If you are hosting kids then provide a party suitable for them and the same goes for every audience and group you are going to host a party for. As mentioned earlier if the theme of the party is not suitable for the audience then the people would not fit in and feel uneasy. So, always take a mind of the people that you are going to held a party or they will leave very early. 


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